# Iraq 's poor revolution against corrupt parties

Date: 2019-10-09

"All of you are thief's"
This is what the throats of the poor protesters, who came out against the injustice and corruption that reached unacceptable stages in Iraq. The terrible failure, these parties and religious authorities have inflamed blood and ignited ignorance and reactionary values ​​in Iraqi society by using religious slogans to control the masses and the policy of divide and rule.

The unprecedented violence used by the authority and its criminal arms to suppress peaceful demonstrators has proved conclusively that these religious parties are ready to slaughter the entire Iraqi people if they feel there is a threat to the rule of their rule and their experience (silly democracy). The blood that has been shed in the last ten days has fallen without justification and therefore will inevitably pursue them.

What is different from the previous?
In all the massacres that took place under the authority of the Green Zone and its religious parties, the justifications were ready to justify the killing, whether it is accusing violence, taking up arms or belonging to ISIS! This was enough to unleash the killing machine against the opponents. But what happened now is repression, direct sniping and massacres of unarmed demonstrators, often young and under-18s, who have emerged from poverty-stricken areas to declare their opposition to the power of billions of corrupt thieves and demand change and reform. This completely dropped the rationale.

This also dropped the possibility of using the language of logic with the dwarves of the ruling religious parties in Iraq, we wonder, for example:

You executed Saddam for the murder of 100 people in Dujail when they rose up against him and tried to assassinate him. Saddam said they were threatening order and security. This raises the following question:

Was the execution void because you did it like it, or was it not void and the verdict was true and you deserve execution like it because you did the same thing?

These logical questions do not work with this authority and its religious parties, they do not know the language of logic !! They know only the language they understand and they were brought up by their mother Iran. They only understand the language of violence, which is what the Iraqi people are pushing towards. Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi speaks about maintaining order and reforms and understands demands, while Iranian militia leaders go out in the canals to make threats to kill dissidents. The army on the one hand does not protect the demonstrators and at the same time gives way to the Iranian militias to slaughter the rising people, as we say in Iraq: "One raises, and one presses !!"

What do we draw from what happened?
After the bloodbath witnessed by Iraq in the streets and alleys, and after the methods of repression adopted by the authority of religious parties to silence the rebellious voice, it became clear that these religious parties know that this is a battle for survival, this situation and their stay in power is a horse for them and enjoy the international support that did not He moves despite all these massacres. Their loss to rule Iraq does not mean only the loss of power, but it means a lot, they are war criminals and know very well that blood will chase them wherever they fled if they lose to rule the country.

The Iraqi people must know very well that religious parties derive their strength from two key points, Iran and Iraqi rule. Today, Iran is reeling under isolation and economic sanctions imposed on it and the collapse of its currency amid popular discontent boiling to explode at any moment and sweep away all collaborators with the authority of the devil jurist and will be like mujahideen created after the fall of Saddam's regime, Inevitably, the demise of the religious parties in Iraq means the end of the role of the backyard of Iran and the dairy cow that provides it with hard currency and an advanced point for blackmailing neighboring countries.

Continue, the salvation is coming
Dear Iraqi people, Faraj is closer than we expect. The clerics of the clerics are no longer fooling the poor people, but the last convinced them in these demonstrations has fallen and everything is clear. The mercenaries of Iran and the criminals protected by the gains of power in Iraq will be punished for all crimes. The horrific and terrible corruption they have committed since 2003 to this moment. When the zero hour is ticking, they will face their fate at the hands of the angry and rebellious people, and they will be punished in the same alleys and streets as the blood of the poor demonstrators. Even those who flee will find no safe except in one place: "Iran is also falling." Even if they have dual nationalities and are able to escape to their second countries, lawsuits will pursue them everywhere.The people will be tried and killed by thieves and thieves around the world.It will be an unprecedented legal pursuit and we will witness trials like the Nazi trials in Europe, the trials of Yugoslav leaders and many others.

We will witness the transformation of the government to presidential rule and agile ministries far from the House of Representatives and the provinces, we will witness the formation of an Iraqi competent to investigate the looted funds smuggled to various countries of the world and return billions to the state treasury. We will witness many and many because these spontaneous demonstrations have shortened the way to make Iraq march towards retribution from the killers of the people and traitors and sellers of the country in the service of Iran.

What are the next steps?
Documenting the crimes that occurred during the recent demonstrations and focusing on them
Documentation of crimes that occurred during previous years down to 2003
Documentation of corruption files that have been enormous since 2003 and until this moment
Forming committees of jurists to follow up these files
Contacting human rights organizations and the international media and delivering all the above materials to them
Not to compromise on the main demand, in short, to remove this disgusting failed political process from the ground up
Is the next anonymous as they claim to scare people?
The method now available to the dwarfs of the religious parties and the corrupt political class is that the next will be unknown when they are removed from power, and that the country will enter a dark tunnel as happened in Syria and Libya! Is that true? Certainly not, we are already in the dark tunnel, we are already immersed in a sprawling sea that draws the currents of ignorance, injustice, corruption and murder into the unknown every time we stop the resistance to save our lives and our country from this tragedy. We need only one thing: a strong, high wave that is destructive to the oppressors, and perhaps the wave that brought us to safety to begin again, where the people have become self-immune to many diseases due to this bitter experience, such as diseases of the clergy, corruption and lying beneficiaries. The people will not repeat their mistakes and this opportunity still exists.


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