# Islam arrived in Spain in self-defense!

Date: 2019-05-22

Islam is a religion of peace and mercy. This religion extended its control over vast parts of the country until it arrived in Spain and all in self-defense. This is what the defenders of Islam always present, including Ahmed, who spoke to him through the site's instant chat service after he commented on the subject of massacres. Islamic in the Indian subcontinent

Mustafa Al Fares:
Do you have a suggestion or an inquiry?

Ahmed Abdel Nabi:
Ask to stay away from harming Islam and Muslims and accusing them of ugly things, including innocent innocent wolf from the blood of the son of Jacob them and the Prophet Muhammad peace and prayer

Mustafa Al Fares:
I am talking about religious thought

Ahmed Abdel Nabi:
Oops, ask not to harm Islam and Muslims

Mustafa Al Fares:
Speech does not hurt anyone but poisoned religious texts hurt people

Ahmed Abdel Nabi:
Religious thought is not spoken by both clergy
There is no poisonous religious text and unspeakable religious text, but it is a misunderstanding
Timor-Lanke denounces Islam A very large proportion of the Mongols have unfortunately converted to Islam ostensibly for their control of the world as a whole, the Arab world and Islam in particular
Timor Lank burned Damascus and destroyed Baghdad twice, as did his grandfather Hulaku
Timor Lank killed tens of millions of Muslims, not Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Sikhs and Christians

Mustafa Al Fares:
Have you completed to answer you?

Ahmed Abdel Nabi:
Why did not you talk about trying to kill Sarraqa bin Malik of the Prophet peace be upon him and the migration
Why did not you talk about the attempt of Abu Sufyan bin Harb killed the Prophet peace be upon him and throw his sister or beautiful wife of his uncle Abu Lahb thorns on his way at night when walking to his home
Why did not you talk about Abu Jahl's attempt to swear by the god that he will trample the head of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and pray in the Kaaba and stand on his head?
Why did not you talk about trying to kill the Jews of Bani Nadeer of the Prophet by throwing a stone at him through the rise of one of the men over the wall where the Prophet was sitting next to him and throw stones at him
Why did not you talk about the denial of the structures of Quraizah the Covenant with the Prophet during the Battle of the trench and our master Saad bin Muath is ordered to cut the necks until the Prophet peace be upon him said this rule of God before ruling by Saad

Mustafa Al Fares:

Ahmed Abdel Nabi:

Mustafa Al Fares:
Tamam came my turn
All I have talked about is political conflicts over power and influence between Muhammad, who claimed prophecy and his enemies
All that is in the subject is that Muhammad is wearing his conflicts of religion and holiness
This is what we suffer because of religion because not only Mohammed used religion for political purposes, but much
This is a point
You say that the texts are misunderstood, meaning that Islam is a religion of peace
Islam is not a religion of peace

Ahmed Abdel Nabi:
Yes it is

Mustafa Al Fares:
And the evidence that Mohammed has invasions exceeded the number of 70 invasion during the period of his claim short prophecy
His religion was spread by force
Islam says religion of peace
When Mohammed died, Abu Bakr committed massacres against tens of thousands of people who had converted to Islam and were called wars of rebellion
She says Islam is a religion of peace and Mohammed's successors sent armies to spread their religion by sword and tribute and arrived in Europe
Islam says the religion of peace and all Mohammed's successors have been killed by internal differences
According to Islam Islam peace and the civil war between Camp Ali and Aisha camp and the battle of the camel alone killed more than 10 thousand Muslims, according to Islamic sources
Not to mention civil wars in two rows and Nahrawan and others
This is the era of Muhammad and his close successors
There is no need to describe the disasters that occurred in subsequent periods
What religion of peace, man?
Or is it just a cylinder you frequented?
Omar Othman Ali Hassan Al - Hussein Abbas, the grandsons of his daughter Mohammed all his relatives are fighting among themselves
When Muhammad died
One of them was killed
Any religion of peace
Your account has been terminated.
Note that I am talking about the beginning of Islam and not what happened after that
Be sure to read the CDs you read and read your religion and history well
Yes Timurink and many others committed the massacres, but they used the cloak of Islam as holy as Mohammed and his successors did

Ahmed Abdel Nabi:
The Islamic conquests were in defense of Islam by the Romans and the Persians, and it is enough that Sharhabil ibn Amr al-Ghassani is a Caesar worker on the Levant. The Prophet's emissary slaughtered them to encourage them to convert to Islam and to collect 100,000 and to march on the city.
And asked Sharhabil of Caesar another hundred thousand to march on the city
Why did not you talk about Kasri, who tore up the letter sent by the Prophet to embrace Islam and asked his worker on Yemen, who is to go to Medina and catch the Prophet and come with the Prophet's head
Why did not you talk about the imam of the liar who claimed the Prophethood and forbade praying and claimed that the revelation of the revelation to him and the armies of the armies and the success of the zakat are prohibited and they began to march on the city and kill the caliph Abu Bakr
As for the great strife in Islam, it was caused by a group of hypocrites and anti-Islamists led by Abdullah Ibn Saba, a Jew who gathered his followers and incited them to go to all other Islamic places and to incite them to the caliph Uthman ibn Affan

Mustafa Al Fares:
Ahmed, perhaps you do not notice the extent of your attempts to cover up historical events and political conflicts that took place because of power and influence, and how you beautify them and add to them the character of sanctity, which is in total murder, injustice and oppression. Note that you find excuses and arguments to justify the actions and incidents of logic that say it is impossible to get for the dissemination of a heavenly religion and a message from the Creator of the universe. Note that the Creator of the universe does not need these primitive means to spread his religion in such a bloody way. Where is the Creator of the universe to honor the human soul that created it as you call it and humiliates it by wars, killing and injustice, for nothing but the sovereignty of its loved ones on earth
This is not logical

Ahmed Abdel Nabi:
If a group of people want to hurt you and want to kill you and take your women and not Hisktoa not kill you and take your women

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