# Religion is a way to control crowds

Date: 2019-08-10

Through my experience as a person living in the West of Middle Eastern descent, I want to make a logical comparison between the use of religion as a means to localize crowds, and between its use by the family to adapt children. And I will take the Muslim community in the West as a model of study and I will shorten as much as possible. I can say that the Muslim community living in the West is divided into three different categories, which are highly contradictory.

The Muslim communities in the West are divided into:
The first category is the Muslim community, which has surrounded itself with walls that isolate it from society, not the concrete walls that we are familiar with, but the walls of closure and isolation from the outer environment, the walls of the niqab, long beards and extremist religious gatherings. The private road in the country where they live as foreigners and will remain their lives as foreigners.

The second category is those who have fully integrated into their new communities without any reservation and regarded their new homeland as a safe haven for them and their children forever.

The third largest category, which is the subject of my talk, is the confused category that remained in the middle do not know what to do. They don't necessarily admit. This group, in order to solve the problems of contradiction, has resorted to the famous concept (Islam Lite) or (Islam Cute), which means a light-fat version of this heavy reactionary religion on the stomach.

They regard Islam as a supermarket to sell concepts. They choose and choose what they want, and they leave and discard what they don't. In general, they agree to renounce violence and extremism in general (with some exceptions). The contradiction experienced by the Muslim community is a terrible one, due to the varying fat scale in each version they adopt, even if it is a reduced version.

A friend who goes to amusement parks and is looking for women at every opportunity, but he doesn't eat pork because it's haram !!

A friend here wears revealing clothes and does not care that the food is halal or haram, but she criticizes homosexual relations between young people because it is haram !!

This intellectual schizophrenia casts a shadow on the children of this community. We see the family make their children attend religious schools (usually run by extremists) to study the language and take religious teachings, and at the same time they are afraid of the extremist ideology that is common among the leaders of these schools. Here in the West, parents use the same method of clergy who control the ignorance of peoples. :

(Papa / Mama, why are we different? Why are my friends eating everything and I'm specific? Why don't we go on trips with our boy and girl friends like them?)

And here comes the magic solution
Of course in this case there is no logical answer convincing the mind of the child and will come the role of religion as (Joker), which is placed anywhere and time to solve the riddles without resorting to reason and logic. This is exactly what clerics do with ignorant peoples (they are also children of any age). Parents in alienation use religion to control their children and clerics use it to control crowds.

In this simple and terrible video guaranteed, we have the truth of God made and the rest of the choir of Gods on the scene and why. enjoy watching :



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