# Writings of the guests: The events of the building were built

Date: 2018-09-11

The events of the shed were built to help the first spark that divided the Islamic nation and the history of the victorious writer. I am here not against anyone, who has two eyes, and who has ears? Let them hear. They have adorned us with history. We are used to not hearing the stories of other parties. Others lie in lies
It was the first division between immigrants and supporters and was imposed by force by Umar ibn al-Khattab that the people choose Abu Bakr al-Siddiq as a successor to the Muslims.
- Since that day to this day, the number of Islamic teams to dozens of teams and each one says that it has Paradise and the survivor and the rest are all in the fire there is no acceptance of the other but when the count tells you to disbelieve the other number of one and a half billion (Yama laughed from ignorance nations)
- Since then, people have been divided into immigrants and supporters, immigrants from Quraysh and supporters of Yathrib
- Since then, Sunnis and Shiites have not been able to agree with each other and each one is forgiving the other
Since then, the blood of Muslims has been shed and continues to flow in all parts of the Muslim world
They lost their positions in Andalusia after eight hundred years of rule
The evidence for their difference is that the caliphs were not naturally dead "and to see how the caliphs died
1 - Abu Bakr Siddiq died poisoned "
2 - Omar ibn al-Khattab died dead
3 - Othman bin Affan died dead
4 - Ali bin Abi Talib died dead "
If these agreements continue, assassinations and shedding the blood of the Muslims, when the injustice ends and the man returns to his reputation and value in society. And when those mighty people give up their personal interests and leave their seats for the people to govern themselves and not issue our problems abroad to seek consensual solutions to conceal their crimes.

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