# The war between science and religion

Date: 2019-08-04

With the West heading towards secularism more and more, and with the great discoveries in the field of biological evolution and astronomy, the limits of faith have shrunk dramatically during this period of time, resulting in an increasing shouting and religious wailing that says by consensus with religion, That science derives its principles from religion.

(Science is not only a target but also morality, also read: Is religion the source of ethics?)

If you are a believer and do not want others to see you against science and evolution, what will you do? In this case you have no choice but to say that your religion - or religion - is perfectly matched with science. Here we see allegations after claims from believers, religious scholars and scientific organizations that receive funding from religious parties, all claiming not only that science and religion are compatible with one another, but also complement and help each other.

The war between science and religion
I say here that this is all misleading, and I say that science and religion are not only incompatible - but at war - and represent different ways of seeing the world.

What are the ways of science and religion?
Science is a set of tools we use to find out what is in the universe, bearing in mind that this fact is temporary and can be scrutinized and is not an absolute certainty. These tools include observing nature, testing hypotheses and doing as much as possible to prove that these hypotheses are wrong in order to test the confidence as valid, in addition to conducting experiments and above all, repeating the results to increase the reliability as a result.

While on the other side stands religion, which is a social system whose followers swear allegiance to a supernatural element whose satisfaction is sought. Of course, not all religions (in thousands) necessarily fall under this definition, but the most vocal voices about the conformity of religion with science are followers of the Abrahamic religions (Christianity, Islam and Judaism) to which this definition applies.

We must understand that both science and religion are based on a range of different convictions about the universe. The point of view of religion on this subject differs from science based on the factors of the stick and the carrot. A person can not describe himself as a Christian if he does not believe the resurrection of Jesus again, nor is it Muslim if it is not true that Muhammad flew on a winged prostitute in Israa and Maraj, If it is unbelievable events of the survival of his ancestors in the desert.

How can a believer accept the principle of science that everything is subject to scrutiny and error while absolutely believing in the validity of the teachings of his religion?

The Bible says: "If there is no resurrection of the dead, then Jesus will not be resurrected, which means that our beliefs are wrong and your faith is wrong."

The Qur'an says: "Whoever does not believe in Allah and His Messenger, then we will be prepared for disbelievers."

The difference between religion and science is based on the means and methods used to express the truth, and what is the result of this fact: and thus the difference is profoundly at the methodological level and in the final outcome. In contrast to the means of science, religion governs the truth not on a empirical basis, but on the basis of faith, sacred texts, and the authority entrusted to God, meaning "through faith" without the need to seek evidence, and this applies to almost all 4,000 religions Existing on our planet, which each claims to be right.

While science achieves achievement after achievement in understanding the universe, the method of religion remains by using absolute faith free of hands in terms of proving what is claimed. How much is there? What is their nature and moral values? Is there beyond life? Why do all these evils exist? There is no one explicit answer to any of these questions, all gas, all based on faith.

Based on these facts, we can say that the war between science and religion is in fact the difference between our collection of the good reasons that make us believe a particular subject, and between the belief that this subject is as mentioned in the sacred texts.

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